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Marriage Proposal Picnics in Phoenix

Luxury picnics are becoming more and more popular in the East Valley as people of Phoenix, AZ are becoming more concerned with the pandemic. Outdoor events are being preferred more than ever now as it significantly reduces the risk of getting sick. Proposals are no exception.

Luxury picnics along with scenic views in Phoenix make for the most romantic and memorable proposals. Luxury picnics are typically set up at a park, in backyards or special locations that may have an epic view in the valley.

A luxurious table runner, fancy dinnerware with champagne flutes and comfy picnic pillows create a 5-star ambiance outdoors. Charcuterie boards, sparkling ciders and fresh floral arrangements make luxury picnics a one-stop shop for proposals in the greater Phoenix area.

To recap everything we mentioned above, here are three reasons why you should propose with a luxury picnic.

1. It is Luxurious

All items used in a luxury picnic are high end, quality and stylish.

2. It is Unique

Few people know about luxury picnics which makes them unique and memorable.

3. It is Safe

Luxury picnics are typically set up outdoors so they are safer in 2021 and allow you to invite your friends and family to the marriage proposal.

Coco Berry Picnics Proposal package takes the luxury picnic experience to a whole ‘nother level with custom signage, bluetooth speakers, fresh floral arrangements and luxury décor. A delicious grazing board with 3 different cheeses, 3 types of fresh fruits, gourmet crackers and surprise sweets are included in the Proposal Package.

Email us at for any question you might have. Leave us your contact information and we will get back to you in 24 hours. You can also contact us here.

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